Friday, November 22, 2013

Do Not Disturb

Do you have a Do Not Disturb sign you can hang on your office door, cubicle, chair, car or around your neck?

Finding time and space to plan and work uninterrupted is crucial if you’re going to reach your goals.

And yes, I get it that many folks work in open workplaces or have houses full of kids, but you’ve got to find a way to shut out the noise and interruptions.

I recently ran into a manager who’ll take his laptop out to his car in the parking lot, get into the back seat and work uninterrupted for an hour or so. I know people who block out an hour after the kids go to bed say they can get more done. I’ve met entrepreneurs who regularly rent a hotel room for a weekend and take their team to brainstorm and plan.

Look for ways to get away, to not be disturbed, to reach your goals.

Have a great weekend….see you Monday.                  

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