Monday, November 18, 2013

Move It Over Here, Not Over There

During the past week I’ve made changes to my office, computer and vehicle that should make working easier and more productive.

The process started with two realizations: I have some important goals I need to reach in the next few months. I was not being as productive as I needed to be to reach those goals.

Then, the answers to two questions pointed out what I needed to do: What do I need to be productive? How can I make sure that what I need is as close as possible to me at the times when I need it?

The answers caused me to rearrange my workspace, moving books, digital sources and materials closer to where I dock my laptop to work; consolidate or delete a lot of the files on my computer because I was seeing a TON of unnecessary files whenever I looked a the screen; and keep some work supplies in my vehicle so it’s easier to take a note or listen to an instructional book on cd.

So often, we make it harder to succeed than it has to be.

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