Friday, November 29, 2013

One Month

Whatever you’re doing this morning—recuperating, going to work as usual, sleeping in, getting ready to rake the leaves—you have just as much time until the end of the year as the rest of us.

So, what will you do with it?

Remember a year ago when you started coming up with those New Year’s resolutions? Or, you may be one of those folks who don’t make resolutions because you don’t want to break’em.

That’s fine.

The question is still, “You have a little over a month until the end of the year, what will you do with it?”

Pick one thing. Pick one short-term, relatively easy-to-reach goal and go for it. End the year on a positive note.

See you Monday. Have a big weekend and, if you’re venturing out, don’t let the stores make you crazy.

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