Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Yesterday I cleaned out the gutters on my little house with a leaf blower. I’d climb the ladder, manhandle the blower into position and let’er rip. It worked great!

However, although I wore safety glasses (yes, in spite of what every teacher, coach, wife, relationship partner, police officer and movie attendant has said, I can learn a lesson) I evidently ended up with some trash in my eyes. Today they are irritated and itchy.

Did I plan for them to be irritated and itchy? No.

But, any time we do good things there is a chance of less-than-positive consequences we didn’t plan for.

The only way to avoid those consequences is to not do anything. And let’s be honest, some folks are good at that.

Let’s also be honest and admit that if you don’t do anything there are consequences that come with inaction.

So, the choice is: Do good things and maybe have to deal with some fallout. Or, don’t do anything and probably have to deal with some fallout.

Let’s get something done and worry about the fallout if it comes.

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