Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Try the Triangle for Creative Solutions

Here’s a simple creativity/management/problem-solving tool you might find useful:

Take a sheet of paper and draw a triangle. Make it a pretty good-sized one, because you’ll be labeling some of the points and sides.

Now, label the points of the triangle with three areas of life that are significant to you…let’s say you use Family, Work and Health.

Go to the mid-points of the three sides and label the connections you find: Family/Work, Family/Health, Work/Health.

Ask yourself, “What opportunities or challenges do I find when these two areas connect?”

For Family/Work you might ask yourself, “Am I spending so much time at work that it’s costing me family time?” Or, “Are there travel opportunities in my work that would allow me to take my family places in which we might create wonderful memories?”

Get the idea?

What if, in your work, you labeled the points, Sales, Production and Marketing? Or, Patient Care, Physician Management and Administration?

Pick any three areas of your life (try the exercise with three words that don’t seem to go together) and you’ll find all sorts of creative solutions and ideas.

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