Monday, December 2, 2013

Death Threats and Stepping Into the Arena

Whether you’re a college football fan or not, hang with me on this one….

If you aren’t a college football fan you may have spent Saturday raking leaves or shopping or watching The History of Wedgewood China on PBS.

If you ARE a college football fan you couldn’t have missed the most exciting finish of a college football game anyone has seen…ever.

Alabama/Auburn game. Tied, 28-28. One second to go. Freshman kicker Adam Griffith to try a 57-yard field goal for the Alabama win. Auburn return man, Chris Davis, is waiting in the endzone in case the kick is short and he can try a runback.

If you want a great view of what happened go to:

Since it’s been all over the news this is not a spoiler; the kick is short and Davis returns it 109 yards for the win.

Here’s the point, though: Adam Griffith is receiving death threats on Twitter…after missing a kick…in a college football game.

If your life is so devoid of meaning that the outcome of a football game causes you to threaten a college freshman’s life then, in the game of lifetime musical chairs, when the music stops I’m thinking you’re one of the ones left standing.

Griffith and Davis won’t have to remember last Saturday night for the rest of their lives, other people will remind them…for the rest…of their lives.

In 1991, Florida State kicker Gerry Thomas missed a 34-yard potential game-winner against Miami causing thousands of fans and sportscasters to stick FSU with the name Wide Right University. Thomas not only received death threats but his fellow students razzed him so badly on campus that he left FSU and transferred to another school.

Everyone makes mistakes and has failures, some with bigger consequences than others. Most of the time, the people giving those who failed a hard time are people who don’t have the courage to try. As President Theodore Roosevelt would say, they are people not willing to step into the arena.

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