Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Singing "Moves Like Jagger", "Strip" Darts and Balancing a Cheeto On Your Nose

This is a great week! My last seminar for the year is Friday and The Perfect Workday Company Christmas party is Friday night.

More than likely the party will be the usual celebration with a whole range of food (some of which will end up on the floor and clothes), rum and beer consumed, cigars smoked, lots of loud talking and laughing and REALLY loud music.

And I’ll be the only one in attendance.

Having a one-person company is, in many ways, very different from working in an organization with a few or many employees.

One of the different areas is etiquette. I don’t really worry if I show up in the office wearing cammo bedroom slippers, torn boxer shorts and the University of Hell T-shirt Elaine brought back to me from the Bahamas.

If you show up to work in the same outfit I doubt the welcome would be the same…but then, you never know.

This is the time of year business holiday parties—yours and clients/friends—get cranked up. And while my company party will be a singular affair, yours probably won't be.

Here are three tips from someone who did not handle the party scene very well early in their career, but figured it out pretty quickly.
Tip #1: Have a plan. Enter the party smiling, find the host and thank them for the invite (maybe even take a small gift), have one drink and then start drinking water/soda/coffee, have a little food (keep checking your teeth for specks and watch out for garlic), touch base with a few people and then leave the party after a couple of hours.
Tip #2: Stick to the plan. Holiday business parties are not parties they are tests, I don’t care what folks tell you. Try this…If you had a choice first thing on Monday morning which question would you rather answer: “Why’d you leave so early Friday night, the party was just getting wild?” Or, “HEY! YOU WERE OFF THE CHAIN ON FRIDAY NIGHT HAVE YOU SEEN THE YOUTUBE?!!” Google Drunks on video and get an idea of what your coworkers might see if you don't follow the plan.
Tip #3: Send a thank you note to the host. So few people will do this that the host/hostess will save the thank you note and show it around. And you’ll look like a champ.

I’ll say it again. Holiday parties are tests whether they are held in an office, your neighbors’ homes or the restaurant down the street.

Finally, a few last minute suggestions: Don’t gossip, you’ll hear it on Monday morning in the staff meeting; don’t show any tattoos; don’t sing unless everyone else does (and then it’s better to just mouth the words), don’t participate in any activity that starts with the word “strip”; don’t be the one who tells the boss what she/he “really needs to know”; don’t be the one to tell the woman in accounting that her make-up makes her look like a clown; don’t be the one who wins the “shots” game; and don’t drive home if you didn’t follow the plan.

I’m just sayin’.

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