Monday, December 23, 2013

Test Tubes With Egg Nog

Christmas functions are like little laboratories. There are all kinds of subjects and experiments going on if you’ll simply keep your senses running wide open.

Last night I noticed a couple of interesting subjects. 

There were the standers and starers; the people who stood around with a drink, didn’t speak unless spoken to and simply stared at the people are moving around the party. Standers and starers are often the most interesting people at a party, they simply need someone to step up and draw them out.

There were the hummingbirds; folks who spoke to everyone for a short while, tried a little of each type of food, stayed a short while and then zoomed out the door.

As usual, there were squatters. I always find the squatters interesting. They find one place to sit or stand and hold court. Most are wonderfully communicative, but if you don’t approach their territory you’ll never meet or greet them. Some even have spouses or friends who bring them food so they don’t have to move.

Finally, there are the kindred spirits. They like people, they like the subjects and they want to be part of the experiments. Depending on how they experience the experiments they seem like bumper cars or a long-lost brother/sister.

This is the time of year for holiday functions. Which type of subject are you?

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