Friday, December 13, 2013

Think How?

Today is Friday the 13th and I’m presenting my last seminar for 2013 and believe me, the irony that the program is titled “Positivity” has not escaped me.

The key to positivity is to increase the quantity of small, positive experiences. Doing so raises our level of positive feeling.

Raising our level of positive feeling has been shown to improve health, make us more confident and improve our quality of life.

A wonderful example of positivity is the simple fact that I get to present a program like Positivity.

What 3 things will you do today that are positive? If you do’em I promise you’ll get a little bump in positive feeling. Do that enough and that little bump starts turning into a general feeling that things aren’t as tough as you might think.

Science is showing that the old talk about “think positive” really does has a therapeutic may even be able to offset Friday the 13th.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

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