Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Apple and Away

About a year ago I presented a program for a group that had some seriously cool technology in their training room. They could see a computer screen on their big-screen television and make it do all kinds of things. I asked how they did it and they pointed at an Apple TV unit.

If you’ve never seen one it’s a little gizmo about the size of a cellphone you attach to your television and it brings in lots of stuff from your computer/laptop/iPhone/tablet.
Please note the highly technical way I described the unit; that should give you an indication of how technically adept I am.

So, I went straight to Best Buys and bought one for $100.

During the last year the unit has been in its box in my office, living room, stereo area, dining room table, office again, stereo, coffee table, end table, bedroom, back to the stereo area and now on my desk in my office. I kept moving it around because I thought that if it was right in front of me I’d be motivated to connect it to my television so MY television would do lots of cool stuff.

On Sunday afternoon I thought, “This is ridiculous. I’ve had this thing a year. I know I want my TV to do really cool things. I’ve got two degrees and I read a lot and can figure out the Cryptoquote most of the time so I’ve got to be at least a marginally intelligent person. I actually teach people to stop procrastinating. So, let’s open this bad boy and get it hooked up.”

It comes with a little instruction book that, if you are Stephen Hawking or Chris Cassidy (the only Navy SEAL who is also an astronaut), is pretty simple to understand.

It only took a couple of minutes for me to make a decision. I’m giving it away. I’m sending it as far away from me as it can get and still be in the continental United States and I’m going to let a friend of mine who, while not Stephen Hawking or an astronaut, thinks these things are fun.

Good intentions are good…that’s why they are called good intentions…but, sometimes we have to cut our losses and walk away. If you want to ask yourself a question that can get kinda uncomfortable, ask this, “What is there in my life that really doesn’t help me, but I’ve sunk so much time/energy/money/emotion into it that I keep hanging on?”

Might be time to box that thing up and drop it in the mail.

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