Friday, January 31, 2014

Back to Normal

Blue sky above and the forecast here in North Carolina is for 60 degrees today.

The weather was a massive change for millions of people.

For some it was a delight; snowcream, sledding, children laughing, red noses.

For others it was an annoyance; being housebound, children crying and screaming, work issues, trying to drive in it.

For a few it was tragic; an accident, the cold caused serious health issues.

But, now things are getting back to normal.

This is life. Cold and hot. Fast and slow. Challenging and easy.

Here we are at the end of a challenging week. Did you and I learn a lesson we can use?

It doesn’t have to be a macro, big-picture lesson. It could be something small, like me learning to keep a faucet dripping during multiple days of below freezing temperatures.

Enjoy the weekend, don’t bet a ton on the Super Bowl.

See you Monday.

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