Monday, January 27, 2014

Hit the Ball, Drag Tom

There’s an old joke about the guy whose golfing partner has a heart attack and dies in the middle of a round. One of his friends asks how he handled the situation he says, “I did what any good golfer would do; hit the ball, drag Tom, hit the ball, drag Tom.”

Most of us consider ourselves to be thinking humans who can analyze our way through the challenges of life.

But, when change is coming at us we don’t Analyze-Think-Change.

We See-Feel-Change.

Emotions--what we are feeling, not logic--are huge factors in how we work our way through change.

There are a variety of ways we can move our emotions. If we don’t first recognize their power, though, it’s like we’re moving through life dragging a Tom along the way.

What’s a change you’re in the middle of? What emotions are you feeling when you consider the change? What, or who, are you dragging?

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