Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Thing About Being Snowed In

If you’re snowed in or snow is slowing you down today I have a couple of simple suggestions.

Don’t blow the day off. Don’t look at it as a gift vacation day.

And, if you have kids and they are home today don’t let them overwhelm you and your time.

Find one thing to accomplish.

Look for one thing that, if you accomplish it, today has been a good, productive day.

So often, when a situation such as a snow day, sick day, car-breaks-down day or some other occurrence happens that pulls your attention away you get to the end of the day and realize that the situation was all you focused on.

The distraction doesn’t get you closer to success. By virtue of the very fact that it is a distraction it pulls you away from your path. But, you must deal with the distraction and that takes time, energy and focus.

So, pick one thing, large or small; one thing that, if you complete it, you get one step closer to your goal, or you were at least somewhat productive today.

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