Friday, January 3, 2014

Who's On Your Team?

“People inspire you or drain you—pick them wisely.” Hans F. Hansen

This time of year, with all the bowl games, always get's me thinking about teams. So, let’s say you’re creating a team. And the way you’re creating it is by looking at different people and choosing different points in their lives.

You might choose some folks when they were children; full of energy, fun, innocent and without guile. Others would be chosen as young adults; strong and athletic, inquisitive and ambitious. You could choose some team members as older, richer and more experienced.

I’d quickly choose Richard Branson because he seems to have all those qualities wrapped up in one!

If you were looking at me, depending on where in my life you looked, and what your team needed to accomplish, you might choose me or you might not.

In middle-school years, what those of us with grey hair used to call junior high school, I’d be the last person you’d choose for anything athletic.

In college, if your team’s goal was to have fun, I promise you, you’d absolutely want me to be one of the first people you’d choose.

As I’ve gotten older folks seem to recognize that I can hold two very different positions depending on the team’s goal. If the team’s focus is to start or stop something, to find the way through new territory, I’m your guy. I have no problem drawing the sword and, for good or ill, being first one out the castle gate.

However, if it’s managing an effort, doing what might be thought of as the day-to-day stuff, the consistently steady efforts that keep it all together…I’m probably on the bench for most of the game. I am learning though, and some very nice people are teaching me the power of steadiness.

We all have our teams, the people around us who influence us. Some members we pick, some are picked for us and some—family—we have little choice about.

So much of life is determined by who is around us and who we are around on a regular basis. How we look at life, how we talk, what we eat, how we approach/repel/treat others, what we focus our thoughts on, what we believe about spirituality, how we look at work in our lives…those issues and many more are strongly dependent on our contact with the people on our team.

Who’s on your team?

One of the most important resolutions you and I can make for 2014 is to be more choosy about who joins or gets to stay on our team.

Look around. You’re suiting up for the game right now. Who’s in the locker room with you?

This is a great OD on football weekend so enjoy it!

See you Monday.

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