Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Like the Jitterbug, It'll Plum Evade You

Not everyone runs on the same schedule you do.

The simple, common sense thought that we all aren’t morning or afternoon or evening people is one of those understandings that is soooo basic that, as Jimmy Buffett once said, “It’s like the jitterbug, it plum evaded me!”

By 7:30 this morning I had already connected with a client and scheduled three programs.

Historically, I have not been a morning person, but it seems that due to a variety of challenges and stressors I’ve recently needed to be.

Ask yourself, “Are there times that being able to operate effectively in another time frame would help me?” “Are there people who’s help I could use who operate better at a different time than I?”

If so, how do you get geared up for that? Do you go to bed or get up earlier once a week? Do you make sure your energy level is high and stay after work a couple of days a week?

When is your best time of the day to work? When is your down time? What do you have to do to reverse them once in awhile?

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