Friday, February 14, 2014

Slip-Sliding Ahead

It would appear that we’ve weathered winter storm, Pax. Today’s forecast is for clear skies and cold, but as the weekend progresses the temperature will rise, the ice will start to melt and we’ll be getting back to what we think of as normal.

At a little after 6 am I slowly and gingerly walked out to get the paper. I found my footsteps from yesterday frozen in the ice and by walking in the same footsteps I was able to safely make the trip down to the sidewalk and back.

Life’s like this, isn’t it? When we run into heavy weather—difficult times—we naturally look for the ways we’ve gotten ourselves through similar experiences in the past. Then, if we’ll look ahead to what would be a better future the vision gives us motivation to start moving forward.

We have to be careful to ask, “Is what got me through it then going to get me through it now?” If so, it’s time to start moving. If not, it’s time to learn a new way.

Unfortunately, progress always happens toooo slowly, doesn’t it? I certainly wasn’t traipsing down to the paper this morning. Once I realized how slippery the ice was I took my time, focused on each step, made sure I was balanced and moved steadily to my goal.

Pax is gone. Life’s still here.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

PS. Oh, and today is Valentine’s Day. Remember to tell someone you love them.

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