Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Time for Spring Break

Had dinner last night in Chapel Hill with some wonderful friends.

After dinner I was walking back to my car and noticed how empty the streets were. It was Franklin Street, essentially main street for the home of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and there were no cars passing by and only a handful of folks on the sidewalks on a beautiful Sunday night.

This morning I realized that it’s spring break at UNC-CH.

Remember spring break? I’m not going to bore or excite you with details of my spring breaks but let’s just say that they definitely were a break.

What if we could do that now? Some folks do. A friend recently returned from a short cruise. I know other people who’ve taken off for a weekend to the beach, mountains, big cities, the country or simply shut off their phones and hunkered down for a weekend of reading and relaxation.

This has been a difficult winter for many of us. Looking back I can see that February was—hands down—one of the worst times I’ve encountered in decades.

It’s time we took a spring break. Even saying that makes me feel better.

With March Madness coming there’ll be opportunities to take off and relax a bit. Take advantage of any time you get to step back and away from the stresses. Find a way to look ahead and take a spring break, even if only a short one.

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