Monday, March 24, 2014

The Screaming, Cheering, Crying Human Laboratory

The first weekend of the NCAA March Madness is over. We’re down to the Sweet 16.

Whether you like college basketball or not, if you’re not taking advantage of watching the games as a laboratory for human effort and emotion you’re missing the boat.

Watch the players and how they react to adversity, success, sadness and joy. Watch the coaches, especially, in tight situations. You’ve got the yellers, the pleaders, the encouragers and the “you better do it my way or you’re walking home” types.

Now, turn life around and look at the challenges you’re facing at in relationships, at home, at work and out walking around. How do you react to your own challenges? If someone had a camera on you when you hit an obstacle or reach a pinnacle would you want your reaction on national television?

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