Thursday, March 6, 2014

Treasure or Troubles

I see lots of people smiling when they are dancing.

I hardly ever see people smiling when they are running. Maybe they’re smiling on the inside, but I sure don’t see it on the outside.

However, if you stand near the finish line at a road race you’ll see some people grinning from ear to ear when they cross the finish line.

In fact, there’s credible research showing that when a runner sees the finish line their brain kicks out chemicals that trigger an adrenaline surge in the body giving them more energy to reach the goal.

In one of my devotionals this morning there was a line that jumped off the screen at me: Focus on the Treasure, not the Troubles.

Focus on the Treasure, not the Troubles.

What’s your goal? What’s the treasure? What's the finish line?

While it can be incredibly difficult to do at times, keeping your eye on the Treasure, the finish line, can push you through the difficulties you face getting there.

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