Thursday, April 10, 2014

Get Ready!

What would you do if you were presented with a wonderful opportunity?

This chance-of-a-lifetime could be in relationships, career, health/fitness, spirituality or any area of life you can imagine.

You’re thinking, “I’d take it?!” Right?

You’re making an assumption, though, aren’t you?

You’re assuming that you’re prepared to take advantage of the opportunity?

Here’s the usual scenario: You come up with an idea you KNOW could make a ton of money and think, “Great! This is my ticket to the life my family and I always wanted!”
But, you don’t have the knowledge base to make the idea a reality and you certainly don’t have the bankroll to fund it.

Granted, those two obstacles, low knowledge and low funds, never stopped anyone who really wanted to be successful…but…the challenges did slow them down.

That’s the point here…are you ready for a wonderful opportunity when it comes along? Or, do you have to start from the back of the pack and fight your way through a variety of obstacles before you can take advantage of the opportunity…and what if it’s gone by the time you get ready?

Here’s the key: If you have even an inkling of what you want in life are you preparing yourself—at least a little—every day to grab the opportunity when it cruises by your front door.

Because, a wonderful/horrifying truth of life is that opportunities come our way EVERY SINGLE DAY. They come in the form of an idea/comment/person/hardship/joke/pain/problem.

I was simply sitting in the right place at the right time when the greatest opportunity of my life walked in the room and stood next to me. I stood to offer my seat and when I looked her in the eyes I felt like I’d been Tazered. The relationship has created a wide range of opportunities to learn and experience life on levels of which I had only dreamed.

What are you doing, reading and thinking? Who are the people you come in contact with on a regular basis and what can you learn from them? What do you spend your time on the Internet reading and watching?

Spending a few minutes each day preparing yourself for the bluebird that will fly through the window or that diamond you have to dig out of the dirt is a small investment when you consider the potential payoff.

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  1. Fantastic insight! Every day should be a positive day to be ready!