Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Heliotropic Effect

Whatever that ball of fire is in the sky, I’m for it!

The heliotropic effect is the phenomenon of plants turning towards the sun, the source of energy. As you travel look around at trees, flowers, bushes and flowers. You’ll often see them bent and leaning towards the direction of the sun as it travels over them during the day.

Humans are like that, too. We turn towards people, situations, ideas and feelings that give us energy. If we’re down, and we’re smart, we start looking around for something that picks us up, something that gives us an energy boost.

Sometimes the boost is artificial, such as Red Bull. That can work in the short term.

But, we’re better off looking for more positive, natural sources that fuel us over the long haul.

If you have a difficult day ahead or you’re going through a difficult situation in life look up sometime during the day; it’s supposed to be good, sunny weather in the South. Take a moment and turn towards the sun.

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