Thursday, April 3, 2014

Step...just...a little...closer.

What could you gamble on today? What, if you did it, would be a courageous act that, if it paid off, could reap huge rewards?

So often we live small, fearful lives simply because we are afraid to step out and do something risky.

You’re smart enough to know that I don’t mean something like drinking/texting and driving…and if you are thinking that that’s what I’m talking about take a moment and step back into the carriage with the rest of us adults.

I’m talking about taking a chance in an issue at work or home; in worship or play; in your life-of-the-mind or in your love life.

The universe gets behind those who are courageous.

Might you fail…of course; but, on the other hand, you might win.

In the last 48 hours I took a chance; did something that I thought was courageous...and at least for now, it has paid off.

Here’s how I did it: I imagined myself in an arena…now stay with me because I know this is a male/macho example. I imagined that my fear was a dragon and I was facing the dragon, sword in my right hand, looking up at that fire-breathing head and raising my left hand and gesturing to the dragon…to fear…

step…just…a little…closer.

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