Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Birthday Wish From "Your Daughter"

My mother’s birthday was last Friday and I was able to drive down to see her yesterday. I had swooped into a Lowe’s grocery store and grabbed a card from the “Birthday Cards for Mom” rack and a box of chocolates. I signed the card for my brother and me so I was as prepared as a good son could be.

Mama is 85, suffers from Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home. Her condition is not so advanced that she doesn’t know me and my brother and, while she can’t read the card, she enjoys the color and feel of them and the meaning when we read them to her.

As she and I laughed and talked I opened the envelope and handed her the card. She ran her hands over it and eased it back to me so I could read it. The sentiments were as you might expect and I got a little choked up as the message spoke of how much she was loved now and would be forever.

In fact the last three lines were what really touched us. They said, “You know you’ll always be loved, because you’ll always be my mother and I’ll always be your daughter.”

Needless to say, Mama exploded with laughter! As did I!

 If my brother had been there I’m sure he’d have cracked up and given me one of those, “You didn’t read the inside, did you?” looks.

So often in life we speed through efforts and then, at the end, realize we simply didn’t take the small bit of time necessary to keep from making a mistake.

This one worked out great and was memorable…the rest of the time, we should be so lucky.

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