Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How Smart Do You Have to Be?

Presented a program today for a regional agency that’s looking for some good employees. Not going to tell anymore about them for reasons that will be obvious 5 seconds from now.

Last Friday they closed out an application period and had 173 online applications. Of the 173 applicants only 36 completed the application AS NOTED ON THE APPLICATION FORM.

All the applicants had to do was completely read the instructions and they’d have known what, in addition to the application page itself, they had to complete and include.

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the story: The agency official (a positive, successful professional) who is the first person to see the applications immediately responded to each applicant with a “Thank You for Applying” email that again, OUTLINED THE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION.

36 out of 173.

In an economy where so many people are saying they need a good job (the jobs available in this situation would be considered competitive, but good, jobs) you have to wonder how many folks are not able to score a job because they simply are not observant and don’t follow through?

So, if so many of those folks aren't professional enough to complete application does the organization really need them as employees?

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