Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's the Average?

Whenever a thought, comment, quote or idea keeps bumping into me in a short span of time I pay attention to it; life is trying to tell me something.

Recently, in a number of situations I’ve encountered the idea that if you average the incomes of the five people you’re around most of the time you’ll find it approximates your own.

You can make the same calculation with attitude…and life.

Look around at the people you come in contact with on a regular basis. Are they positive, optimistic people who believe their lives are under their control? Or, are they negative, pessimistic people who believe their lives—their world—is the run by someone or something else, or the gubmint, or their color/religion/sexual orientation/education/income/(fill in the blank)?

Now, figuratively or literally, look in the mirror. Which group do you see? And, if you have the...mmm...courage, ask someone who really knows you who they see.

Every morning when we wake up we make the decision to be who we’ll be, live where we live and make the day what it will be. Yes, I understand that there are all kinds of circumstances that have impacts on our lives. But, we…choose.

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