Thursday, June 12, 2014

Are You "On the Dot"?

Are you an “On the dot” person? Do you walk into meetings, appointments or events right on the dot, at the minute the event is supposed to start? Getting to situations right on the dot may seems like an efficient way to manage your time and make you look professional, but that’s not the case.

Yesterday I presented a time management program with a start time of 9 am. Of ALL the programs I present the one I always try to start on time is…Time Management. One person walked in just as we started and two were late…to a time management program.

Just before the program started one of the attendees mentioned an old boss who had told her that “being on time means you’re late.” I remember hearing the comment from some of my friends who have served in the military and, actually, the legendary Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi told his players that if they were not in meetings fifteen minutes early they were late.

When you walk into meetings on the dot you’re probably interrupting the person starting the meeting. Your entry calls attention to you in a negative way. You’ve also probably made the people who called the meeting worry about whether or not you’ll show up. For years, because I traveled so much, I arrived at seminars on the dot, right on time. But, when the people who arranged the programs started telling me how they’d worried if I was coming I determined to be early. Now, I’m at least 15-30 minutes early for most presentations.

Being on the dot is not a plus…and being late is…well…being late.

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