Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fool's Hill

A friend was recently recounting some of his kid’s antics. The young guy is in his mid-20s and wrecked some cars and had some adventures.  My friend was telling me about talking to his own dad about the son’s challenges and the dad/grandfather said, “He just hasn’t made it over Fool’s Hill yet.”

My friend said his dad, an obviously older and wiser man, had always talked about the crazy stuff we do at various times in our lives as Fool’s Hill. I’m sure you get it. If you can make it over Fool’s Hill you get back on even ground and move ahead in life.

Sometimes I wonder if my life isn’t more like the foothills of North Carolina where there’s one hill after the other!

The best part of the story about the conversation was when my friend  asked his dad for some advice about the young guy. He asked, “Well, when is he going to be over Fool’s Hill?!”

His father answered, “When are you?”

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