Friday, June 20, 2014

Goodbye to a Friend and Hello to Life

Lost a good friend yesterday. We all have at least a couple of good friends who lead lives such that we don’t want to get the call, but we aren’t surprised about getting it. Rich was one of those friends for me. Heck, to be honest, I’m probably one of those friends for some of the people I know.

Ironically, I had seen an article earlier in the week explaining why we humans need to tell ourselves stories about what happens after death in order to deal with the fear of it.

Let’s cut to the chase; last night someone looked at me and said, “Rich is in a happier place.” I get the logic, but that’s just one of the stories we tell ourselves to deal with the fear.

What if it isn’t a happier place? What if after-death is like the idea fundamentalists seem to convey, fire/brimstone/Republicans at every turn telling you how bad things are? What if eternity is being locked in a closet with a Wal-Mart Duke fan after the Dookies have beaten Carolina by 30 points?

Last night a mutual friend told me he’d worked in an emergency room and seen someone’s spirit leave their body and sit in the corner and laugh at the spectacle of the body simply turning into a dead vessel. He also said he’d been working 36 hour straight with no sleep so you never know.

We all deal with the fear in our own ways. So, here’s what I think about the Big Question: As humans we are the highest, most refined form of energy on the planet (and, maybe in the universe, as far as we know). If you do good in your life you refine your energy, you make it better/cleaner/brighter. If you don’t do good you sully/darken/weaken the energy you were given. 

When we die our energy goes back into what is essentially the energy bank that is life and mixes with the energy from others. Kinda like when it rains and the water goes into the rivers and the rivers flow back to the sea. 

At some point, some of the energy flows back out into another human (yes, it’s kinda like reincarnation, but probably more like that sweater your Aunt Martha gave to Goodwill and someone else who REALLY needed a sweater got it and used it and was warmed by it). Unless you’re that pharmacist who spent his career putting child-proof caps on prescription bottles that went to over-50 people who then got carpal-tunnel syndrome trying to get the caps off their prescription bottles. His energy became a slug in a waste dump in Uganda.

And then, the person who got some of what was your energy starts the process all over.

That’s what I think.

So, right now Rich’s energy is mixing with the energy of all the folks who passed away in the last day or two and some of it is already being doled out to babies who are as beautiful as my new great-niece, Charlotte.

Rich lived in a wide-open fashion that sometimes didn’t click with folks who lived more linear lives. I have to believe that, in some ways, his lifestyle caught up with him. I also believe that on some levels he was ready to move on. But, maybe that’s just the story I’m telling myself to try and make his loss easier.

See you Monday.

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