Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ignorant vs Stupid

Just finished reading an article about things men can do to be healthier. Getting help when depressed, varying workout intensity, eating in moderation and not dodging unpleasant procedures such as prostrate exams and colonoscopies were among the suggestions.

When we boil it down, why don’t we do those things? Are we ignorant or stupid?

Ignorant vs Stupid sounds a little harsh, but stay with me.

Ignorant means we don’t know we don’t know. Ignorant is the first stage of knowledge. Awareness, the second stage, means we know we don’t know. Once we move to awareness we can determine what we need to know and move on to Education (we know we know) and Second Nature (doing without thinking), the third and fourth levels of knowledge.

Stupid is a very different level. Stupid means we know what we should do, we’re in the Education stage, and we continue—knowingly—to do things we shouldn’t do.

We continue to do and think thing that are harmful to us for a wide variety of reasons: habit, pleasure, path of least resistance, lack of resources to make a change, life situation…we pick an appropriate reason/excuse.

The issue, though, is honesty. If we don’t know we’re simply ignorant. If we know and do anyway…we’re stupid.

So, now that we know the difference….

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