Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lost or Found, Call Mama

While at the beach we found an iPhone lying on a dock at the waterway.

Before I could look in Settings and see the owner’s name my friend said, “Just look in the directory and see if they have a number for ‘Mama.’”

Sure enough, they did. When we called Mama’s number the lost phone’s owner answered. He was about two-hundred yards away and quickly came and retrieved his phone. After meeting him I’d have to say that he should Velcro his phone to his clothes. I’ve got a feeling that losing his phone, or a mishap like it, happens fairly frequently.

Later, we talked about the fact that in today’s world, everyone needs someone to whom folks can reach out if we go missing; a parent, sibling, friend, attorney, someone who might know where we are.

If you disappeared for a few days and someone needed to find you who would they contact? If you lost something important to you how would someone who found it get in touch with you?

Maybe it’s as easy as calling Mama, maybe not.

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