Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blueberry Battle Lines

Yesterday morning at 7 am I was picking blueberries.

If you asked me if I wanted to be picking blueberries at 7 am I would probably plead The Fifth; Your Honor, I decline to answer on the grounds that my answer might tend to incriminate me.

However, there are people who wanted to be picking blueberries at 7 am and it is important to me that those folks are happy, soooo….at 7 am I was picking blueberries.

As we age an interesting thing happens; we start making decisions based on one of two directions:
-        I’m at an age at which I don’t have to do a damned thing I don’t want to do…AND I’M NOT GOING TO!
-        I’m at an age at which exerting my ego is less important than living a less-stressful, happier life so I’ll go-along to get-along

The first choice tends to push a lot of people away because they start seeing you as a jerk. But, it also tends to attract the people who want to do the same things you want to do…and then you can commiserate with the other jerks about the people who shunned you.

The second choice tends to attract people because you seem easier to get along with.

You need both kinds of people (or, people with both skills) in the workplace. You need the driven group who are highly focused and fight distraction, and you need the get-along to go-along kind to build and maintain teams.

I’m willing to bet most of us have a natural tendency toward one or the other style, no matter our age…and yes, you might show a style based on the situation, who you are working with, how you feel that day and a variety of other factors.

But, for the sake of conversation…what’s you natural style? Is your style helping you or hurting you?

And yes, homemade blueberry cobbler, which my friend makes extraordinarily well, will be delicious in the winter when the jerks are eating pudding from a plastic cup.

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