Monday, July 28, 2014

The Aliens Didn't Have Me

The aliens have returned me…thankfully, no experiments were performed on me.

If you thought I’d been abducted by aliens you were close. Have been on vacation…or, vacamacation, as we call it, for the last 10 days.

While on a “let’s eat seafood until we explode” lupper (lunch/supper) we sat at a big window looking out at the Intercoastal Waterway.

The really cool part was that we could see a storm coming and watch a line of rain about 200 yards away march along the waterway.

There are lots of events like this in life. We can see them coming. Some are good, some not-so-good. If you can see a good thing coming you can often get in front of it and take advantage of it or enjoy it and bring others along with you. If it’s a not-so-good thing you can get out of the way or, at least, minimize the damage. Sometimes we see things coming and from where we’re sitting we don’t know if they’ll be good or bad.

But, it’s a truth that every day of our lives we are aware of events beginning/ongoing/ending. How they affect our lives almost always depends on how we see them…as good…or, not-so-good.

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