Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Your Personal Hall of Fame

My good friend, John Rancke, recently began a project to create a Lumberton High School Hall of Fame.  John believes a hall of fame will be a good way to remember outstanding athletes from the past and introduce today’s young athletes to those who set the standards of athletic performance.

The reaction to the effort has been wonderfully positive. Volunteers are starting to line up and I can imagine financial support will be forthcoming.

The project started me thinking about who would be in my personal hall of fame if I created one. Who would be the selections who have had the most impact on my life? My parents are obvious choices along my two high school coaches (both of whom will end up in the Lumberton hall). There are some people I’ve worked with, friends, and a couple of people who were total strangers, but whose impacts on me were profound.

If you were going to create a personal hall of fame who would be your original inductees?

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