Thursday, August 28, 2014

It Won't Kill You, It'll Just Feel Like It

At 4:15 am an ER doc here in Raleigh walked into the bay (the examination area, kinda like where they put your car to look it over, except with curtains) in which I was lying on a gurney and informed me that I have kidney stones.

I’m not going to bore you like some folks do by talking about pain/meds/too-much-info details about the experience.

I will tell you that when I was pumped with morphine and in the CT Scan machine I heard a woman’s voice say, “Hold your breath. Now, you can breath,” twice. I’ve always worried about that…I mean, I thought it was the voice of God and if God is a woman I’m in big trouble….but, I digress.

What I can say is that the first thing I did this morning was call folks I know who have experienced this and ask, “What did you do to deal with kidney stones and how do you continue to handle the situation?”

My friends had a range of tales/suggestions/predictions. What I learned is that there are some similarities, but everyone is different and has to experience this situation in their own way.

Whatever your challenge in life someone else has been there. I don’t care how outrageous/serious/sad/happy/unique it may seem, someone else has been standing right where you are. If you’ll get your ego out of the way and ask some questions you’ll be surprised what you learn. It won’t kill you, it’ll just feel that way sometimes.

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