Monday, August 18, 2014

Let's Be Salty

As usual, I get messages when I need them and it always seems that on the infrequent Sundays I go to Zebulon Baptist Church to hear Reverend Jack Glasgow…I need to be there.

Yesterday’s sermon was about being “salty.” The opening question was, “How do people react when you tell them you forgot to put salt in a dish?” Forget about the potential health issues (which, by the way, are now in question if you read last week’s news), usually the reaction is that the food will be bland.

Jack’s message was that our saltiness is our uniqueness; those actions, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that make us who we are.

He added that, yes, sometimes our saltiness reveals our less-than-best sides. But, the balance is that by being our unique selves we are presenting life with a gift, a chance to experience our good sides and offer them to others.

I’ll tell you what…let’s be salty…you be you, and I’ll be me…and let’s hope we both have patience and appreciation in good measures.

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