Thursday, August 7, 2014

Love Will Make You Stupid

One of the big stories in local news has been the theft and return of a $10,000 model of a dinosaur from the NC Museum of Natural Science. The thieves, a young couple who seemed to be on a fun visit to the museum that turned bad, were shown sharing a kiss right after the theft.

I’m not going to get into a wrong or right discussion because stealing the little dino was obviously wrong. I’m also not going to get into a rant about paying $10,000 for something you could buy at Big Lizards-R-Us for $50… And yes, the funds used to create the exhibit were privately donated so no tax dollars were used. God forbid the state government would use money for something silly.

For my money, here’s the best part of the whole story…one of the museum higher ups said we should go a little easy on the couple because, “love will make you stupid.”

I thought I invented that saying.

The vast majority of my 62-year old life has been a climbing Mt. Everest effort to prove that love will make you stupid.

I have had thoughts, taken actions, said things, bought stuff I could not afford, cussed and fought people, thrown all kinds of things, eaten stuff, driven hours and days, cried buckets, torn things up, kicked all manner of things living and not, slammed every kind of door imaginable and put up with situations/people/emotions a reasonable person would run from…all because, at one time or another, love made me stupid.

And, I’m still doing it.

Here’s the thing. If we’re lucky, in our lives we have something/someone for which/whom we’ll do all the stuff I mentioned above. It could be money, God, truth, acclaim, fear or…love.

For what it’s worth, I’ll take love every time.

So, I’m not saying the court should let the lovebirds go. But, I am saying that “love made me stupid” should probably be a reasonable definition of insanity.

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