Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What's That Smell?

Funky smell in the car this morning.

No, I didn’t.

As I’m cruising down the interstate I see a light vapor coming from the AC vents.

My first thought is the radiator because that’s probably the highest priced repair (which may or may not be true but that shows how much I know about vehicles) and luck being what it is I’ll end up with a $1000 repair bill which I can ill afford since it’s the end of the summer and without a steady stream of gigs my cash flow is close to depleted and the end of the month is coming so what bills will I have to flex so I can pay this HUGE car repair bill and it ain’t like I don’t have a ton of other stuff to worry about and how will I get around if the car is in the shop for a couple of months and you know I’ve been thinking of….

But, I’m noticing that my engine temperature gauge is not moving which means the engine is not overheating which means it may not be the radiator.

I stop at my car repair shop near my house and Scott, one of the wizards of car repair, tells me it’s probably the AC/heat and I need a little part that costs $46. I realize this might turn into $460, but right now $46 doesn’t sound as bad as what I’d been worrying about. Heck, I’ve got $46 in coins in a beer mug on the bookshelf in my bedroom.

I scoot back home and put my bike on the rack on the car, drive back to Scott’s, drop the car off and ride the bike back home.

So far, so good.

Letting worries run away with us doesn’t help. And yes, sometimes our worst fears and worries are realized, but the worrying blinds us to the beauty we’d miss. Riding my bike back home with the sun breaking through the trees and the dew on the grass and wonderful summer smell of morning was wonderful.

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