Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Thought That Will Stop Your World

Have you ever had someone say something to you and the world stopped? You get those goosebumps on your arm and realize the comment/question/challenge was coming from somewhere far beyond a simple conversation; it could be God, life, fate or simple common sense.

Yesterday, my good friend, the philosopher Chuck Nall, said something to me that was so important I’ve thought about it ever since.

He said, “Mike, if you change your customers you change your life.”

He and I have talked about the fact that I have long needed to reassess the customer mix for my little business. I’ve been working with the same clients for almost 30 years. They are wonderful folks and I love working with them but their world is changing and as it does mine will, too…and not necessarily for the better.

I’ve known that I needed to be more proactive and the proof of what happens when I have the chance to work with a different type of client is there; I’ve been successful, the clients appreciate my work and the rewards are dramatically different from my current client base.

“Change your customers, change your life.”

On so many levels my work has centered on change for the last decade…it’s almost as if the topic as been a message from…well…out there. I’ve written about it, talked about it, tried to help individuals and large organizations deal with it. We all experience change, it’s simply a matter of using it as a positive or letting it roll over us as a negative. Could be that it’s time to get serious about my own change.

Maybe you’re at a point in life at which you need to hear the same type of comment. I’ll be delighted to be the friend who offers it.
Try this: Fill in the blank on the following statement: “Change your _________, change your life.”

Do you feel the goosebumps?

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