Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bitten By the Modern World

Back from a busication…that’s a word I just made up…business trip/vacation. I started to post some blogs while on the trip but I was concerned about the "I'm gone" issues.

However, a friend in our group is a Facebook posting maniac! She was immediately posting all kinds of pictures of the fun things we were all doing in Charleston.

Elaine and I started wondering how many folks saw the pictures and thought, “Those people aren’t home.”

There are a range of issues jumping out:

Recently, I’ve read about thieves checking Facebook and other social media for clues about who might be away from home or office for extended periods.

A story on ABC TV this morning talked about the scanners people are using in restaurants and at gas pumps to steal the info from our credit/debit cards when we scan them.

I’m fighting some bad computer viruses right now that are so annoying I’d love to spend about 90 seconds in phone booth with whoever thought this stuff up.

I know, I know, worrying about all this is about half-way paranoid, but it’s worth considering.

Technology does a lot of great things for us, but there are a range of worries we often don’t give enough consideration to…hacking the cloud, for instance.

And yes, I’ll agree that we can’t worry about everything or we spend our lives locked up at home watching for the black helicopters and burying our trash in the back yard.


I’d just appreciate it if someone would give me the list of 5 things I can do to keep myself technologically safe most of the time.

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  1. Mike - While this is very specific to your example of a friend posting a picture of you - you can change your FB settings to require your approval before you are tagged in photos. It's the tag that shares the photo with your friends.

    We can catch up this weekend if you'd like and can talk about more ideas.

    Your neighbor across the street :)