Monday, September 29, 2014

Congratulations to an Allstar!

I’ll go ahead and say that I’m not a huge baseball fan; more into college football.

But, I do know who Derek Jeter is. The future Hall of Famer for the Yankees, Jeter ended his career this past weekend after a season-long retirement tour.

Another player, White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko, ended an 18-year career over the weekend.

I’d never head of Konerko even though the folks on ESPN had some wonderful things to say about him.

Every day we have the opportunity to come in contact with people who are doing great at their jobs but we never know who they are.

If you run into someone who is doing a good job don’t just assume that that’s what they should be doing and that you deserve it. Realize that in today’s workplace in which 84% of workers are disengaged or actively disengaged receiving good service or coming in contact with someone doing a great job is a rarity.

I’m the poster child for finding a manager if I’m getting bad service. But, I’m also the person who will go tell the manager or supervisor about the great service I’m getting if that happens.

We all hear about the stars like Jeter who get all the press, and I’m sure that the folks in Chicago know all about Konerko, but few of us know about Jane Doe, showing up for work on time with a positive attitude and doing a great job day after day.

Jane deserves some accolades, too. If you run into her tell her I said, “Thanks.”

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