Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Standing In Middle of I-95

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re standing in the middle of an interstate highway? Cars and trucks are flying by, the noise is deafening, your fear factor is sky-high and you feel that if you take a step to the left or right you’ll end up as a bug on a bumper.

We all have times like that.

I do a lot of interstate driving and I’ve noticed that traffic moves in groups. Sometimes the groups are large and may stretch as far as you can see ahead or behind. At other times the groups are smaller, 5-10 cars and trucks zooming up behind, around and by me, and then they’re gone.

I keep noticing, though, that there are gaps between the groups of cars and trucks.

More and more I see those life-standing-on-the-interstate times in the same way. If I can stay calm, appreciate the support of others and look for inner strength, I can wait until the traffic moves on by. Then the highway opens up enough for me to walk (or run) to the safety of the side of the road.

I know, though, that life doesn’t happen on the side of the road…that standing there is only a brief respite. Sooner or later I’ll be out playing in the traffic again.

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