Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Betcha a $1000

Two of the first things I do every morning when I get a computer in front of me are check whose birthday it is today and what happened today in history. Simply search “birthdays today” and “today in history.”

I’m always kind of amazed at how many of the folks in the birthday list are people I’ve never heard of. Musicians, royalty of all nations, writers and artists, sports stars, business people, religious figures and political figures.

For instance…I’m betting $1000 you can’t tell me who either Rafael Puyana or the Empress Farah Diba were.

Tick, tick, tick….

Ok…times up!

Puyana was a baroque harpsichordist from Bogota, Columbia and Diba was an empress in Iran. I know, pretty obscure, but you see what I mean?

Betcha know who Ralph Lauren, Roger Moore (007) and Usher are, though, don’t you? Their birthdays are today, too.

Here’s my point; all the folks whom I have no clue of who they were/are did something notable. They used their skills, talents and abilities, saw an opportunity and took their best shot…ok, so Diba was born into royalty, but you catch my drift, right?

No one automatically becomes someone to remember. We all start out pretty much on the same footing.

And yes, you can whine all you want about not having opportunities, you can sing “I Am the Victim” all day long…but, there are waaaaay too many folks who start out with nothing and end up with their names on the Birthdays Today list for you to convince me that being a slacker is anything other than choice.

Make the choice. Do something.

And, if your birthday is today…or this week…Happy Birthday!

PS…that whole $1000 thing…just for legal purposes, I was kidding.

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