Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Create a Plate

If you could spy on our living room most evenings you'd see us watching Chopped, Bizarre Foods, Diners/Drive-Ins and Dives, or Man Vs Food.

We especially like Chopped. If you've never seen the show, chefs have to prepare 3 meals. In each case they are given a basket of various ingredients that never seem to go together...and they have to create a dish that is not only edible, but attractively presentable. The results always look and sound great!

We just saw entrees created with chicken livers, fish, turnips and some kind of candied fruit. If someone gave me that I'd probably have to put it all in a blender with tequila.

The chefs are always wonderfully creative and how they figure out what goes together is beyond me.

When was the last time you did something creative at work? Would your managers and coworkers appreciate your imagination and effort?

Are you just putting in time waiting for the gold watch? You realize they don't do that anymore...right?

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