Thursday, October 9, 2014

Do I Smell Smoke?

Today is National Fire Prevention Day. but I’m going in the opposite direction.

What if you declared today, Personal Start a Fire Day?

Here’s two areas to think about: First, you know those slackers in your life who talk about being burned out but they haven’t even flamed up yet? Well, today’s the day! Give’em a reason to feel the heat. Demand (nicely) that they be accountable and responsible. Some of’em will step up and meet the challenge; others will fold and will give you a reason to point the flamethrower at them. Burn’em up! Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric, once said that we should fire the bottom 10% of our workforce every year. The act would light a fire under the folks just above the bottom 10% and moral would go up among the folks who had been carrying the dead weight.

Second, look for an area of life in which you need to fire yourself up. Create a close, short-term goal you can reach within a day or two. The confidence you gain by reaching the new goal will create the heat you need to burn up the next goal.

Personal Start a Fire Day is today! Let’s light a torch and start burning something!

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