Thursday, October 30, 2014


When water comes into your home it doesn’t know what it’s going to be used for; drinking, cooking, washing…the water doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

(and yes, I know some of you are thinking…”well, water isn’t a conscious thing so it can’t think or care” yada, yada, yada…don’t overthink this…just roll with me)

Your energy is the same. When you get up every morning your energy doesn’t know or care if it’s going to be used for good or bad, or for constructive or destructive purposes. The energy is simply there to be used, like water when you turn on the tap.

So, whether you are setting goals and accomplishing the tasks that get you to your goals or you are on Facebook or burning energy thinking about that sluggo at work/home/the car dealership or wherever who just got on your last nerve!…you’re burning up valuable energy.

Wasting energy is no different than having that spigot outside that drip-drip-drips water onto the ground.

It’s your decision, how are you using your energy today?

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