Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Goodnite, Bunky and Madelyn

 Last night the mothers of two friends passed away within an hour of each other.

Bunky and Madelyn were two very different people on the outside. Bunky was an athletic extrovert who had lots of outside interests and had no problem telling you her opinion. Madelyn was quiet; an introvert who spent most of her life working and taking care of her family.

Unfortunately, they both suffered at the end of their lives as illness took the gifts they most enjoyed. Bunky’s wonderful physical skills were lost and Madelyn’s mind was taken by Alzheimer’s.

The common denominator was that they loved their families, were deeply committed to their husbands and children, and were wonderfully welcoming to the folks their kids brought home.

It seems harsh to say that there are people we meet in life who, for the rest of our lives, we’ll never remember unless someone mentions their names…but, that’s reality. I’ll remember both of these women fondly. May they go to their rest in peace.

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