Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Start at the Hole

I'm always concerned about using sports analogies around people who don't get into sports. They're turned off almost automatically or they just don't get it.

But, hang with me on this, it's going to sound obvious to the point of being simplistic: Professional golfers play the game differently than amateurs.


Here's one of the biggest differences...professional golfers walk a course before they play it and they walk from green to tee. That's right, they start where they want to end up and walk the course...backwards.

They'll stand at a hole and look back into the fairway and ask, "Where should I be lying so I can hit a shot and end up on the green?"

Then, they walk to that spot and look back towards the tee and ask, "Where do I need to be to hit a shot and end up here?"

Depending on how long the hole is they may repeat the process one or two more times until they get to the tee.

Engineers call it reverse engineering.

What if you did that? What if you started at your goal and worked your way back?

In life, what's one of the holes you're shooting for?

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