Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Likker Store Boxes and Life

Most of us look at successful people and think are amazed at all they accomplish.

What we don’t see is what the successful people don’t do.

The people I know who are truly accomplished and getting things done are not trying to pull more things into their lives they are trying to cut things out…so they can spend more time/energy/money and focus on the things that really matter to them.

Here’s an example: I’ve made an important decision in life that will require more focus and one of the things I’ve got to do to accomplish my goal is to have fewer books. There simply isn’t enough space where I’m going to accommodate all the books I have. So, I’ve but a box (likker store size) in front of each bookcase and when I walk by I look for a book I can do without. I take it off the shelf and drop it in the box (and yes, it’s painful, but whatcha gonna do? Right?) In a few days I’ll reach my goal of gone-books and can move on to the next stage of reaching the goal.

How about you? What are the issues/situations/people/things that really matter to you? And, which are the ones that, if you could cut them out, slide them aside, forget about them, not call them ever again, not spend time with them, give them away or flush them, would leave you more resources to spend on what really matters?

Start tossing stuff. I’m sure that literally or figuratively there’s a likker store in your area.

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