Monday, November 17, 2014

Cheese or Laugh...Which One Are You?

Last weekend was homecoming weekend at UNC-Chapel Hill. Fortunately, the Tar Heels pulled out a win so most of the frozen spectators who made it ‘til the end of the game were happy.

One of the great things about homecoming at a college, church or family reunion is that you get to see places and folks you haven’t seen for awhile. Memories flood back and new memories are made.

For the last ten years, one of my fraternity brothers has had a get-together on the Friday night before Homecoming Saturday. I’m the youngest one of the group. Most of the guys are mid- or late-60s, and they joke about the fact that I’m the pledge so I have to answer the telephone (needless to say, we were in school before all the hazing was publicized).

It’s great seeing these guys and seeing/talking about/hearing the commonalities (health issues, relationships, mortality thoughts and hating what is happening at UNC-CH) and the differences (various ranges of success, relationships and life views).

Guys who were 10-feet tall and bulletproof in college now have a more measured view of life. Some of the ones who were introverts are now wonderfully outgoing and full of life.

Most of us change as time goes by; physically, certainly, but also in how we view life. After a particularly funny biological moment during a photo session a thought came to me that sums up what we all learn as life goes on…

When we look at all the people we come in contact with in life we can break’em down into two groups; those who spend all their time acting as if life cheesed, and the ones who act as if life laughed. The best thing is that we get to choose which one we’re going to be. And, the very best folks are the ones who, when the first thing happens…they do the second.

Or, is it the other way around?

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