Friday, December 5, 2014

Feet On the Floor...1400 Blogs

Today is the 1400th blog for The Perfect Workday. If you are a consistent reader and, especially, if you are kind enough to pass a blog on to a friend or colleague, all I can say is, "Thank you!"

I won't bore you with all that's happened in life since the first blog in 2009. I'll simply say it's been a journey.

The constant, though, has been that every morning upon waking I put my feet on the floor and open my eyes and find some things in the world have changed and some seem to have stayed pretty much the same.

All you can do is either ignore or try to improve what suits you and enjoy/appreciate/do more of the good things.

The scary realization for most folks is that they have to make the choice for themselves; it means they have responsibility for their lives.

Don't just pay lip service to the reality that you make the choices that create your life. Make choices that matter to you.

There's been no magic in writing 1400 blogs. I simply make the choice on most workday mornings to get up, walk to the computer and start writing. But, when most people hear "1400 blogs" they surprise up to and including, "ARE YOU SH****** ME?!!"

There is a goal in life that's important to you and you can reach it the same way I blog, one day at a time.

Remember, when your feet hit the floor and you open your eyes the choice is yours.

The simple fact that you have a choice is the magic.

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